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The Importance of Treatment

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and depression are conditions that can co-occur and often do. And studies reveal that about 30% of people with ADHD will experience a depressive episode or mood disorder in their lifetimes. It’s estimated that depression is 2.7 times more prevalent among adults with ADHD than among the general adult population. Unfortunately, individuals with both ADHD and depression experience the symptoms of each condition more acutely than if they’d only had one of them. That’s why it’s particularly important to identify and treat ADHD, and for someone with ADHD and depression to have both conditions properly managed.


Yes. The nature of ADHD itself, especially if untreated, can sometimes cause depression. The chronic frustration and disappointment that many individuals with ADHD experience can bring on this type of “secondary depression.” The risk of depression is even greater for those with ADHD who are more hyperactive/impulsive—who are also at a higher risk of suicide.

Solving ADHD Challenges

ADHD symptoms can bring on many challenges, such as struggles with school, work, relationships, and executive functions. These and the demands of everyday life can often lead people with ADHD to not feel good about themselves and this makes them prone to low self-esteem and a negative self-concept.

In these cases, properly managing and treating ADHD can be key to lifting depression. Unfortunately, an estimated 25% of adults with the disorder are not receiving appropriate ADHD treatment. Our approach is to work first on the condition that is causing the greater impairment. Depending on your condition, medications can be prescribed along with counseling therapy, to get you back on the road to feeling better. If you’re exhibiting any of these symptoms, please make an appointment today with one of our experienced and compassionate providers to start getting you the help you need.

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